Shipping Information

We ship from our hometown of Hurst, Texas, on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays via UPS and USPS Priority Mail. We first check your local weather to determine when to ship so it arrives in the best possible condition. Then, each plant and cutting is carefully wrapped and secured to minimize shipping damage.

In fact, out of the thousands of plants we've shipped since we opened in 2021, we've had less than 1% of our plants arrive with any sort of damage.

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Monstera Adansonii Albo

What Our Customers Say

Our customers regularly report that their orders arrive quickly with no damage, and we’re focused on maintaining our reputation for excellent service and shipping. See a few of our customer reviews for yourself!


My order was packed with care and shipping was fast! I’m sure I would of been delivered faster if it wasn’t for 4th of July. Highly recommend.


Fast and extremely careful shipping. Plant came to me in perfect condition and in just a few week already has two new leaves. It didn't skip a beat. Highly recommend this seller


Nicest lady ever! She was very communicative and quick to answer, too answering within hours. Found out that we lived only 35-ish mins away from each other, so instead of shipping the plants, we met at a halfway point. I bought what I thought were 2 cuttings but received a LOT more, which I wasn't expecting, but they were welcomed nonetheless! She's genuine so buy from her.


Cute, small plants. Great customer service!

String of Turtles

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